Six days into Project 365…

And I’m not bored yet.  I have decided that I am going to do the whole project using only my iPhone.  While I will still take pictures with my big camera, the portability and fun photography apps are greatly appealing.

Plus, I love my iPhone so much that it rarely leaves my hands.  Convenience is key sometimes.

Want to keep up with my pictures?  Well, just look at my Flickr photo set for Project 365.
365.6 Goin' goin' back back to Cali Cali

Today you’d learn that I am in California. I’m here for TNNA, a National Needlework Trade Show. I’m here to buy yaaarrrnnn. Because I am pretty darned good at doing that. Ask my husband.

A few weeks ago, the baby turned 2.  We spent the day together as a family and celebrated.  One of the things we did that day was to venture out to Twin Lakes to go ice skating and sledding.

Yes, ice skating on a lake.  I was all kinds of freaked out, but there were lots of others there and it was (and had been) ridiculously cold, so I decided to just relax and go along for the ride.

Sweet birthday boy.  Waiting patiently while big brother gets his ice skates all laced up.
Birthday boy


Papa helping big brother try out his skates.

Around we go!


Little brother was content with being pulled around on the ice from the comfort of the sled.

Content with watching from the sled

Lake ice


Time to go sledding!

Let's go sled now.


The gorgeous Chilkat Mountains in the distance.
Clear view of the Chilkat's

dec 26 087

dec 26 089

dec 26 090

dec 26 092

dec 26 093

dec 26 094

We were invited to go to a party on Christmas Eve.   Husband informed me a few days before the event that we were supposed to bring a handmade ornament for a peer-judged ornament contest.  My immediate thought was, “Ok, whatever.  I’ll figure something out that day, before we go.”

Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

Fast forward to December 23.  Husband came home from work with a slight twinkle in his eye.  It seems that the ornament contest was a topic of conversation at work that day (the party was hosted by a coworker of husband’s).  Husband gleefully proclaimed, “My ornament is going to kick your ornament’s ass!” and he scurried away to gather his materials for his ornament while I stood in the middle of the kitchen, slack-jawed.

The gauntlet had been thrown down.

What was I going to do now?  The paper ornaments that I had planned to make with the wee boys wouldn’t stand a chance.  Frantic, my mind whizzed through all of my options.  I finally landed on Korknisse and decided that I would go all in with the wee cork family.

My crafting integrity depended on them.

I ran up to my craft room/office to gather my needles and scraps of yarn, fleeing from the kitchen while husband worked, intently creating his ornament.  I swear, you could almost hear the wheels in his brain turning.

I had to make periodic checks to see how he was progressing.  I was surprised at his creativity and ingenuity.  Folks, he may just be related to MacGyver.  A bunch of corks pulled from our cork jars, some clipped coat hanger, a piece of cotton ball and the essential element, a hot glue gun.  This was harder than I thought it would be.
You could almost see the wheels turning

All I had were 4 knitting needles, a few corks, some scrap yarn, my iPhone and a whole lot of determination.
It's on!

But in the end, his Santa was found to be not nearly as crowd pleasing as my sweet Korknisse family.  Oh yeah, I came home with the ornament making prize that night.  But I do have to say that he would win if there were a “originality/creativity” category.
Wine cork Santa
Korknisse family
Crafting integrity intact, and maybe boosted a little.

(Husband thinks that *he* may have technically won the contest since my ornament was the #3 ornament, but in the 4th spot for judging.  His claim is that people may have wanted the 3rd ornament instead of the #3 ornament, which was the spot that his ornament occupied even though it was the #4 ornament.  Whatevs.  If he really wants to share my prize, I’ll let him use the foot massager I won anytime.)

Out with the old, in with the new. Many things planned for 2011, one of which is participating in Project 365.

Ever heard of it? If you make the rounds of the blogosphere, I bet you’ve stumbled across it before. Here’s a link explaining what and why.

So, I give you 365.1, in which we get a few church pews from Freecycle and turn one into a reading bench in the boys’ room.

People always ask us if we see lots of wild animals roaming around. You know, since we live in Alaska and all.

The answer is mostly no. We did see one bear two years ago when we first moved in (and have heard of others from neighbors). The animal we do see more than the usual Raven is the Porcupine.

This guy is enjoying some of our Swiss Chard. He’s lucky I am a chicken and too scared to get close.


In memory of my Mom, Lauri 1957-2007


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