We were invited to go to a party on Christmas Eve.   Husband informed me a few days before the event that we were supposed to bring a handmade ornament for a peer-judged ornament contest.  My immediate thought was, “Ok, whatever.  I’ll figure something out that day, before we go.”

Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

Fast forward to December 23.  Husband came home from work with a slight twinkle in his eye.  It seems that the ornament contest was a topic of conversation at work that day (the party was hosted by a coworker of husband’s).  Husband gleefully proclaimed, “My ornament is going to kick your ornament’s ass!” and he scurried away to gather his materials for his ornament while I stood in the middle of the kitchen, slack-jawed.

The gauntlet had been thrown down.

What was I going to do now?  The paper ornaments that I had planned to make with the wee boys wouldn’t stand a chance.  Frantic, my mind whizzed through all of my options.  I finally landed on Korknisse and decided that I would go all in with the wee cork family.

My crafting integrity depended on them.

I ran up to my craft room/office to gather my needles and scraps of yarn, fleeing from the kitchen while husband worked, intently creating his ornament.  I swear, you could almost hear the wheels in his brain turning.

I had to make periodic checks to see how he was progressing.  I was surprised at his creativity and ingenuity.  Folks, he may just be related to MacGyver.  A bunch of corks pulled from our cork jars, some clipped coat hanger, a piece of cotton ball and the essential element, a hot glue gun.  This was harder than I thought it would be.
You could almost see the wheels turning

All I had were 4 knitting needles, a few corks, some scrap yarn, my iPhone and a whole lot of determination.
It's on!

But in the end, his Santa was found to be not nearly as crowd pleasing as my sweet Korknisse family.  Oh yeah, I came home with the ornament making prize that night.  But I do have to say that he would win if there were a “originality/creativity” category.
Wine cork Santa
Korknisse family
Crafting integrity intact, and maybe boosted a little.

(Husband thinks that *he* may have technically won the contest since my ornament was the #3 ornament, but in the 4th spot for judging.  His claim is that people may have wanted the 3rd ornament instead of the #3 ornament, which was the spot that his ornament occupied even though it was the #4 ornament.  Whatevs.  If he really wants to share my prize, I’ll let him use the foot massager I won anytime.)